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Latin Via Proverbs 74

I hope these notes will help you tackle this group of proverbs in Latin Via Proverbs. These proverbs feature uses of ubi and ibi.

Please note: to read the proverbs in Latin, you need to acquire a copy of the book from! What I am providing here in the blog are notes to help people who are making their way through the book either in a Latin class or on their own.

Group 74

976. Where are they? (The English version of this saying is usually, "Where are they now?" A fuller formof the Latin phrase is ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?, "where are those who were before us?" You can read more about this phrase at wikipedia.)

977. The homeland is where things are good. (Compare this variant form: lIllic enim patria est, ubi tibi sit bene, "for in that place your homeland is, where things might go well for you.")

978. There bees where there is honey. (If you apply this metaphorically, you can think about how it takes bees to make honey, so you might be prepared to get stung!)

979. There is honey where there are bees. (If you take this metaphorically, you can see that although bees have their drawbacks, they are the source, the only source, for honey.)

980. Where there is cooperation, there is victory. (This saying is adapted from Publilius Syrus.)

981. Where there are friends, that is exactly where there is help. (You can find this saying in Plautus.)

982. Where there is love, there is faith. (You can see a cross with this inscription, reproducing an Italian 16th-century original, for sale at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.)

983. Where love is, there the eye goes. (This proverbial saying is cited by William of Tyre.)

984. Where there is pain, there the finger goes. (You can read an essay about this saying at Compare a variant saying, ubi dolor, ibi manus, "where there is pain, there goes the hand," in William of Tyre.)

985. Where there is charity and love, there God is. (The Ubi Caritas hymn is sung during the ceremony of the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday. A variant form reads ubi caritas est vera, "where charity is true.")

986. Where your treasure is, there too is your heart. (You can find this Biblical saying in the Book of Matthew.)

987. Where there is no chaff, there is no wheat. (You can read an essay on this saying at

988. Wherever there is a person, there is room for a kindness. (You can find this saying in Seneca.)

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