Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Latin Via Proverbs 107

I hope these notes will help you tackle this group of proverbs in Latin Via Proverbs. This group includes second conjugation verbs, with third declension nouns.

Please note: to read the proverbs in Latin, you need to acquire a copy of the book from lulu.com! What I am providing here in the blog are notes to help people who are making their way through the book either in a Latin class or on their own. You can find more help at the LatinViaProverbs.com wiki website.

Group 107

1388. The sun shines on everyone. (You can find this saying in Petronius.)

1389. A light shines in the shadows. (You can find this phrase in the Gospel of John.)

1390. No one can please everybody. (Compare these variations on the same idea: Difficile omnibus placere, "it is difficult to please everybody," or Nemo invenitur qui satisfaciat omnibus, "No one can be found who satisfies everybody." I especially like these variants: Ne Iuppiter quidem omnibus placet, "Not even Jupiter can please everybody," and Iuppiter neque pluens neque abstinens omnibus placet, "Iupiter (the sky), rainy or clear, cannot please everybody.")

1391. Here lies the rabbit. (This is the Latin equivalent of "the crux of the matter" or "the heart of the matter." The term comes from hunting, finding the quarry at last!)

1392. A snake hides in the grass. (This saying appears in Vergil's Eclogues. You can find the phrase in Whitney's Choice of Emblemes.)

1393. Truth never hides. (This is the opening line of an empigram of Reusner (best known for his riddle collection, Aenigmatographia): Veritas numquam latet, interitque numquam, "Truth never hides, and never dies.")

1394. Beauty has a divine power. (You can find this saying in Ovid's Amores.)

1395. Like delights in like. (You can find this in Erasmus's Adagia, 1.2.21.)

1396. The pig is teaching Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. (This saying appears in Erasmus's Adagia, 1.1.40.)

1397. He's stealing the club from Hercules. (Another saying found in Erasmus's Adagia, 4.1.95.)

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