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The notes here are taken from the actual Scala, so be warned that references to the "previous" proverb refer to its order in the Scala, not its order here. You can read more about the word at the Verbosum blog: AMBULO.

Ambulate dum lucem habetis. ~ Note: You will find this saying in the Gospel of John, 12.

Cum bonis ambula. ~ Note: This is one of the sayings included in the monostichs attributed to the so-called "Cato."

Pedibus ambulo meis. ~ Note: Notice how the ablative phrase, "pedibus...meis," wraps nicely around the verb.

Qui ambulat in tenebris, nescit quo vadat. ~ Note: The words are from the Gospel of John, 12, and the saying is included by Polydorus in his Adagia, B386.

Recta via ambula. ~ Note: Note that recta via must be in the ablative here, since they cannot form the subject of the sentence: rectā viā.

Solvitur ambulando. ~ Note: Note the use of the gerund in the ablative: "by walking, by means of walking." The impersonal passive here, solvitur, can be rendered with "you" or "one" in English: "you can figure something out." For more about this saying, see the Wikipedia article.

Stultus in tenebris ambulat. ~ Note: The saying is from the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, 2: Sapientis oculi in capite eius; stultus in tenebris ambulat.

Surge et ambula. ~ Note: These words come are adapted from the Gospel of Mark, 2.

Tu dormis, et tempus ambulat. ~ Note: This is adapted from the commentary by Saint Ambrose on Psalm 1.

Natare non didici, pedibus ambulo.

Durum ad nutum alterius ambulare.

Post prandium stabis, post cenam ambulabis.

Si claudo vicinus habitaveris, et ipse claudus ambulare disces. ~ Note: This saying is included by Polydorus in his Adagia, A287.

In solitudine sine baculo ne ambula.

Hic cocti porci ambulant.

Cum Deo ambulare est animam salvare.

Ambulemus in lumine Dei.

Canta et ambula

In circuitu impii ambulant

Semitam per quam non revertar ambulo.

Ut filii lucis ambulate.

Veritas passibus non ambulat tortuosis.

Vita et fama hominis ambulant passu pari.

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