Saturday, July 31, 2010


The notes here are taken from the actual Scala, so be warned that references to the "previous" proverb refer to its order in the Scala, not its order here. You can read more about the word at the Verbosum blog: CRUX.

Per crucem ad lucem. ~ Note: This proverb also plays upon the propitious rhyme between these two important Christian symbols: crux and lux. It is one of the sayings collected by Wegeler, 878.

Quisque suas sustinet cruces. ~ Note: Whenever you run into a Latin saying with a "cross" in it, you have to figure out if this is a traditional Roman saying in which the cross embodies the idea of punishment and criminality, or whether it is a Christian saying, where the cross becomes instead a symbol of suffering and salvation.

Malus fugit lucem, ut diabolus crucem.

Christi crux est mea lux. ~ Note: The rhyme, crux-lux, was a very productive metaphor for Christian Latin.

Abi hinc in malam crucem! ~ Note: This item is listed in Tosi, 1186.

Destinatus cruci non submergitur.

Destinatus cruci non suffocatur aquis.

I in malam crucem!

Ille crucem pretium sceleris tulit, hic diadema.

Ubi crux, ibi lux.

Via crucis, via lucis.

Crux in pectore, in corde Satan.

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