Saturday, July 31, 2010


The notes here are taken from the actual Scala, so be warned that references to the "previous" proverb refer to its order in the Scala, not its order here. You can read more about the word at the Verbosum blog: PRAEDICO-PRAEDICARE.

Audi quod dicis, operare quod praedicas. ~ Note: Note the active imperative, audi, and the deponent imperative, operare.

De se nemo male praedicat.

Amicorum, magis quam tuam ipsius laudem, praedica. ~ Note: Note how the idea of possession is expressed here both with the possessive adjective tuam and the genitive pronoun ipsius (there is no possessive adjective for the pronoun ipse, as there is for tu).

Nummus ubi praedicat, labitur iustitia. ~ Note: Remember that ubi has the sense of both "when" and "where" in English, both of which can work here.

Qui praedicas non furandum, furaris? ~ Note: The impersonal gerundive "non furandum" has the force of a command: you should not steal, one should not steal, etc.

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