Saturday, July 31, 2010


The notes here are taken from the actual Scala, so be warned that references to the "previous" proverb refer to its order in the Scala, not its order here. You can read more about the word at the Verbosum blog: URBS.

anno Urbis conditae = a.U.c. ~ Note: This Latin phrase is often abbreviated: a.U.c. It is used for dating events in the history of Rome, traditionally founded in 753 B.C.E. For more information, see this Wikipedia article.

Regnant qualibet urbe lupi. ~ Note: You can find these words in the moral to the fable of the wolf and the lamb at the stream.

Alme sol, possis nihil urbe Roma visere maius.

Urbs hominem erudit ipsa.

Concordia civium murus urbium.

Urbes constituit aetas, hora dissolvit; momento fit cinis, diu silva.

Leonis catulus in urbe non est alendus. ~ Note: The gerundive here, alendus, expresses a necessity, something like a command: leonis catulus non est alendus, "don't rear a lion cub!"

Qui fuit hic asinus, non fiet in urbe caballus.

Melior est qui dominatur animo suo expugnatore urbium.

Divina natura dedit agros, ars humana aedificavit urbes.

Non oportet in urbe nutrire leonem.

Otium et reges prius et beatas perdidit urbes.

Solitudo placet Musis, urbs est inimica poetis.

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