Sunday, September 02, 2012

Proverbs with ADVERSUS

Here are some proverbs which contain words ONLY on the Dickinson College Commentary Latin Core Vocabulary List. This set of proverbs features the adjective ADVERSUS (Lewis and Short).

Adversa magnos probant.

Adversa non optanda, sed ferenda sunt.

Amici probantur rebus adversis.

Disce patienter sustinere adversa.

Fidem secunda poscunt, adversa exigunt.

In adversis melius sperare memento.

Non timeo adversa.

Noscitur adverso tempore verus amor.

Secunda felices, adversa magnos probant.

Virtus crescit in adversis.


Anonymous said...

does Martin Helprin own this blog? what does the meme mean??

Laura Gibbs said...

I do not know Martin. The meme means: I do not fear adversity.