Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Proverbs with LATEO

Here are some proverbs which contain words ONLY on the Dickinson College Commentary Latin Core Vocabulary List. This set of proverbs features the verb LATEO (Lewis and Short).

Fuge, late, tace.

Diu non latent scelera.

Latent futura.

Mors certa est, funeris hora latet.

Ne moveas iram post tempora longa latentem.

Quid lateat tacito pectore, lingua docet.

Rape, trahe, fuge, late.

Saepe sub nomine pacis bellum latet.

Tempore si peccata latent, et tempore parent.

Ultima latet hora.


Anonymous said...

mihi placet felem aequalem esse meum!


Laura Gibbs said...

Ha ha, ecce meus: Ralph