Sunday, January 13, 2013

Proverbs with MAGNUS

Here are some proverbs which contain words ONLY on the Dickinson College Commentary Latin Core Vocabulary List. This set of proverbs features the adjective MAGNUS (Lewis and Short).

Audendo magnus tegitur timor

Imperium habere vis magnum? Impera tibi.

Magna est res scire vivere, maior scire mori.

Magna est vis consuetudinis.

Magna vis necessitatis.

Magna vis pecuniae.

Nescire quaedam magna pars sapientiae est.

Nil magnum nisi bonum.

Res est magna tacere.

Vive tibi et longe nomina magna fuge.


Linnette Maxson said...

I use your Latin Lolcats weekly, and am very grateful and amazed that youʻve made them. My students, the ungrateful wretches, would like to see other animals besides cats.
Is this a possibility?

Thanks so much,

Laura Gibbs said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Lineette - and here's the perfect challenge for your students: icanhascheezburger - - is FULL of all kinds of things you can make LOLs with, other animals, celebrities, all kinds of meme-generating stuff. So you can have them go at it themselves - and the extra proverbs that I include each day are fair game, since they contain ONLY words on the DCC Core Latin list, so they shouldn't be too hard. If you make a blog of their productions, let me know - it would be fun to publicize it! :-)