Monday, January 10, 2011


  • Pavonis more rotari.
  • Laudant ut pueri pavonem.
  • Laudato pavone superbior.

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Unknown said...

How would do you translate "pavonis more rotari"?

Laura Gibbs said...

To turn around in the manner of a peacock.
(in other words, to show off, spinning around)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs. Gibbs, but as a nicety, isn't "rotari" a present passive infinitive form?

Laura Gibbs said...

When a verb can be transitive OR intransitive, you can see the passive form working like an intransitive:
movere: to move SOMETHING, to cause something to move
moveri: to be moved OR just "to move" (intransitive / no object)
rotare: to rotate SOMETHING, to cause something to rotate
rotari: to be rotated OR just "to rotate" (intransitive / no object)
... lots of possible examples for verbs that sometimes are transitive, sometimes are not.