Wednesday, January 12, 2011


  • Scorpio scorpionem curat.
  • Sub saxo quolibet dormit scorpio, cave.
  • Scorpium octipedem contra te excitas.
  • Scorpius quem excitas venenum in cauda gestat.
  • Scorpium pro perca capere.
  • Caput columbae, cauda scorpionis est.
  • Sequere scorpionem, leonem et draconem, sed malam feminam non sequaris!

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RHT said...

Hi Laura, second time in a month I found your blog by random search - fist time looking for the source of an unusual quote by the great lexicographer, Rudolph Goclenius. Today was trying to find the source for a proverb we learned in Fr. Gallagher's freshman Latin class, sixty years ago now: Under every rock sleeps a scorpion. Your site at least gives the Latin. Thank you so much - have subscribed to your blog. Sounds like something Cicero might say.

Laura Gibbs said...

wow, it is so cool to see a blog post over 10 years old still making contact: monumentum aere perennius ha ha :-)

Claraevallensis said...

Well, just saw your response, when returning to your blog. monumentum aere perennis. That's great - will keep it in mind, and no doubt it will find a good use. Salve ab aethere. Richard Hawley Trowbridge