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Vocabulary Review: Proverbs 1-1000

In addition to the starting list of 25 common words, here are the words that have been introduced in proverbs 1-1000: 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-200 | 201-250 | 251-300 | 301-350 | 351-400 | 401-450 | 451-500 | 501-550 | 551-600 | 601-651 | 651-700 | 701-750 | 751-800 | 801-850 | 851-900 | 901-950 | 951-1000

CLICK HERE for easy-to-print text file version: If you want to have a vocabulary list in hand as you read the proverbs 1-1000, you can print out the list from this text file. Alternatively, you can just keep this blog post open in a separate window to consult as you read the proverbs.

accipio: take, receive, accept
adiuvo: help, come to the aid of
adsum: be present, appear to, aid
adversus-adj: opposite, opposed, hostile
aetas: age, lifetime, period, time
aeternus: eternal, everlasting
ago: drive, act, do
alienus: another's, foreign
alius: other, another; adv. aliter
alter: another, the other
altus: high, lofty, deep, profound
ambulo: walk
amicitia: friendship
amicus: friendly, friend
amo: love, like
amor: love, affection, devotion
anchora: anchor
animus: mind, heart, courage
ante: before
arduus: steep, uphill, difficult
arma: arms, weapons
ars: skill, craft, science, art
asinus: donkey, ass
audax: bold, reckless, daring
audeo: dare, venture, risk
audio: hear, listen
auris: ear; diminutive: auricula
aurum: gold
aut: or; aut...aut... either...or...
auxilium: help, assistance
avis: bird; dim. avicula
bellum: war, warfare, battle
bene: well, rightly, right, good
beo: make happy, bless, gladden
bonus: good
bos: ox, bull, cow
cado: fall, drop, topple
Caesar: Caesar, emperor
canis: dog
cantus: song
caput: head
caritas: love, affection, charity
carus: dear, beloved, precious
causa: reason, motive, cause, case
cautus: cautious, careful, wary
caveo: beware, watch out, avoid
cedo: withdraw, leave, yield, make way
certus: certain, sure, reliable, definite
cogito: think, ponder
cognosco: recognize, become aware, learn
colo: honor, cherish, cultivate
comes: comrade, partner, associate
commendo: give in trust, recommend, point out
concordia: harmony, agreement
condo: store, establish, put together
consilium: advice, plan, strategy
contendo: stretch, contend, compete
contentus: content, satisfied with
convenio: come together, meet, fit, suit
corpus: body
corrumpo: pervert, falsify, corrupt
crabro: hornet, wasp
credo: believe, trust, entrust
cresco: grow, increase, flourish
crux: cross
cunctus: all, every
cupio: desire, want, wish for
cura: care, concern, worry, attention
curo: take care of, worry about, arrange, heal
curro: run
debeo: owe, be indebted, ought, must
decet: it is right, proper, appropriate
delecto: delight, please
deus: god; feminine: dea
dico: say, talk, tell
dies: day
difficilis: hard, difficult, not easy
disco: learn
divido: divide, separate, break up
divitiae: riches, wealth
do: give
doceo: teach, educate
dolor: pain, grief, sorrow
dominus: owner, master, lord, Lord
domus: home, house
dormio: sleep
duco: lead, command, consider
dulcis: sweet, pleasant
dum: while, as long as, until
durus: hard, difficult
dux: leader, guide, commander
ego: I, me
ergo: therefore
etiam: and, even, also
eventus: outcome
exemplum: example, sample, model
facilis: easy, easy to do, doable; adv. facile
facio: do, make
fatum: fate, destiny, death
felicitas: happiness, good fortune
felix: happy, lucky, successful; adv. feliciter
fero: carry, bear, produce, yield
ferrum: iron, sword
filia: daughter
finis: end, finish, goal, limit
fio: be made, become, be done, happen
fleo: weep, cry for
forma: shape, form, beauty
fors: chance, luck
fortis: strong, mighty, brave; adv. fortiter
fortuna: luck, chance, fortuna
frango: break, shatter, weaken
frater: brother
fraus: trick, deceit, fraud
frustra: in vain, for nothing, uselessly
fugio: run away, flee
futurus: future, about to be
gaudeo: be glad, enjoy, rejoice
gens: tribe, nation, people
gloria: glory, renown
gratia: favor, goodwill, thanks: gratiā: for the sake of
grex: flock, herd
habeo: have, hold
habitus: condition, garb, character
homo: person, human being, man
honos: honor, esteem, public office
hora: hour, time, season
hostis: enemy, stranger
ibi: there, then
idem: the same, identical
imago: image, picture
impero: order, command, rule over
incertus: uncertain, unsure, unreliable
incito: enrage, arouse
indico-are: show, indicate, reveal
industria: activity, industry, diligence
initium: beginning
inter: between, among
intereo: perish, die, cease to exist
invenio: come upon, find, invent
invidia: envy, jealousy, spite, ill will
invitus: unwilling, reluctant
ira: anger, rage, wrath
irascor: get angry, be angered
irrito: provoke, annoy, irritate
ita: thus, so, in such a way
iucundus: pleasant, delightful
iuvo: help, aid, serve
labor-noun: work, hard work, effort
laboro: work, work hard, labor
laneus: wool, woolen, covered in wool
laudo: praise
lenio: alleviate, ease, moderate
leo: lion
lex: law, rule, principle
libens: willing, glad; adv. libenter
liber-book: book
libero: set free, liberate
lingua: tongue, language, speech
longus: long, long-lasting, tall
loquor: speak, talk, say
luceo: shine, be light
lupus: wolf
lux: light
magis: more
magister: teacher, master; fem. magistra
magnus: big, large, great
maior: bigger, larger, greater
malus: bad, evil; adv. male
maneo: remain, stay, await, last
manus: hand, band, gang
mater: mother
maximus: greatest, biggest, most
medicina: medicine, medical treatment
medius: middle, medium
melior: better (comp. of bonus)
mereo: earn, deserve, merit
metus: fear
meus: my, mine
Minerva: Minerva, goddess of wisdom
minimus: smallest, tiniest, least
miser: poor, wretched, unfortunate
modus: way, measure, limit; diminutive: modulus
moneo: remind, warn, admonish
mora: delay, pause
mordeo: bite
morior: die
mors: death
mortuus: dead
mos: character, habits, behavior
moveo: move, motivate, affect
mundus-noun: world, universe
munus: gift, tribute, duty
muto: change, move, shift
mutus: silent, mute
nascor: be born, come into being
nato: swim
natura: nature
negotium: activity, business
nemo: nobody, no one
nescio: do not know, be ignorant
nihil: nothing
nil: nothing
nimius: excessive, too great, too much
nisi: if not, unless, except for
noceo: harm, hurt, injure
nolo: refuse, be unwilling, don't
nos: we, us
nosco: know, find out, know how to
nox: night
nullus: none, not any, no
numen: divinity, divine power, god
numquam: never, not ever
occasio: opportunity, chance
oculus: eye
odi: hate
odium: hate, hatred
omnis: all, every, entire
onus: load, burden
oportet: it is proper, right, necessary
optimus: best
orbis: circle, region, world
orior: rise, arise, emerge, begin
oro: ask for, pray, plead
otium: leisure, spare time, rest, ease
palma: palm, palm of victory
parens: parent, mother, father
pario: give birth to, bear, produce
paro: prepare, supply, get ready
pars: part, portion, side
patientia: endurance, patience, suffering
patria: homeland, country
paupertas: poverty, need
pax: peace
pergo: proceed, continue, go on, go
periculum: danger, peril
pes: foot
pessimus: worst
peto: ask for, aim at, desire
piger: lazy, slow, dull
piscis: fish
placeo: please, give pleasure to, satisfy
plus: more
populus: people, nation, crowd
porto: carry
possum: can, be able
post: after (time), behind (space)
postulo: demand, require, claim
potens: powerful, strong, capable
potis: able; potior: more able, better
praemium: prize, reward, gift
praesepe: manger, crib, stall
praesto-verb: excel, exhibit; be outstanding, be better
pretium: value, price, reward
primus: first, foremost, best
priscus: ancient, early, former
pro: for, before, as, according to
probo: approve, test, commend
proelium: battle, fight, conflict
proprius: one's own, personal, individual
prosum: be useful, benefit, profit
pulcher: beautiful, handsome
pulvis: dust
qualis: such, as, what sort
quam: than, how
quantus: so much, how much
quidem: indeed, in fact, even
quisque: each, every
quivis: whatever, any, any at all
quoque: also, as well
quot: so many, how many
rapio: seize, grab, snatch
rarus: rare, uncommon
ratio: reasoning, reckoning, plan
rectus: direct, straight, correct, right; adv. recte
reddo: give back, repay, return
regno: reign, rule, be king
rego: rule, guide, direct
res: thing, business, affair
rex: king
rideo: laugh
Roma: Rome
rumpo: break, destroy, interrupt
sal: salt, wit
sapiens: wise
scelus: crime, evil deed
semper: always, ever
sententia: opinion, feeling, thought
sequor: follow, strive after, seek
serus: late, too late, slow
servio: be a slave, serve
servus: slave, servant
sic: thus, so, in this way
sicut: as, just as, like
sileo: be silent, don't speak
simia: monkey, ape
simul: at the same time, simultaneously
sine : without
socius: ally, associate, comrade
sol: sun
somnus: sleep
sors: lot, fate, luck
spero: hope, hope for, look forward to
spes: hope
stimulo: prod, poke, rouse
sufficio: be sufficient, suffice, be enough
summus: highest, top, chief, greatest
surgo: rise, lift, grow
sustineo: support, hold up, sustain
taceo: be silent, keep quiet, shut up
talis: such
temere: recklessly, rashly
tempero: blend, arrange, govern, moderate
tempus: time, season, occasion
tenebrae: darkness, shadows
teneo: hold, keep, possess
tento: try, prove, test, attempt
terra: earth, land, country
timeo: fear, be afraid
timidus: fearful, afraid
tot: so many
traho: draw, drag
transeo: pass by, pass, cross over
tu: you (singular)
tuus: your, yours (singular)
ubi: where, when
umbra: shadow, shade, ghost
unus: one
utilis: useful, helpful, profitable
utor: use, make use of, enjoy
valeo: be strong, be healthy, prevail
varietas: variety, difference
varius: different, changing, diverse
vas: vessel, dish, pot (also: vasum)
Venus: Venus, goddess of love, love
verbum: word, saying
veritas: truth
verus: true, real, actual; adv. vere
vesper: evening
vetus: old, ancient, aged
via: way, road
victoria: victory
video: see, seem (passive)
vigilo: be awake, watch, be vigilant
vinco: conquer, defeat, overcome
vinco: conquer, defeat, win
vinum: wine
vir: man, husband
virtus: worth, excellent, power, virtue
vita: life
vivo: live
volo-velle: will, want, be willing
volo-volare: fly
voluptas: pleasure, delight
vos: you (plural)
vox: voice, sound, word
vultus: face, looks, appearance

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