Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latin Vocabulary Via Proverbs

Folks may remember my vocabulary-drive proverb project from a couple years ago. Now, thanks to the Latin vocabulary resources provided by Christopher Francese and the Dickinson College Commentaries, I am ready to revive that project, using the 1000-word Latin Core Vocabulary List.

My goal is to come up with a totally new edition of my old Latin Via Proverbs book, using the same basic grammatical structure, but restricting the vocabulary strictly to the words on the DCC Core List! Given that proverbs, as a general rule, use very basic vocabulary, I think this is a quick feasible project - perhaps even one that I can work on during this coming year in order to publish the new book next summer. I'll try to publish one or two blog posts here per day, each time with 10 proverbs in them, to see just what I can accumulate by the time summer rolls around. I'll use the list below to keep a kind of running index of the materials I publish. Meanwhile, any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!
  1. Nouns. Ita vita.
  2. Second-Declension Nouns. Antiqua sunt optima. 
  3. Third-Declension Nouns. Ad fidem fidelis.
  4. Present Act. Ind., Third Conjugation. Hora fugit.
  5. Pres. Act. Imperative, Third Conjugation. Vive hodie
  6. Gerunds. Quaerendo invenietis.
More on the way...!!!!

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